Dr. Jeff Messer – Training Summary

Dr. Jeff Messer

Having coached 8 of the last 9 state championship teams, Coach Jeff Messer is viewed as Arizona’s most successful high school running coach in the 21st Century. As someone with a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Coach Messer takes an even more scientific approach than most to his training development.

When you hear Coach Messer talk you will hear him talk about two things over and over again. The first is the process. Some coaches call this the culture, for Messer it’s about the process. The process is what the athlete needs to do daily to get better. This includes rest/sleep, proper nutrition and hydration and the prescribed workout for the day.  The second is aerobic development. Almost all of Messer’s runs are aerobic in nature with very little anaerobic work.

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Adam Kedge – Training Summary

Adam Kedge is a culture guy. What does that mean? Coach Kedge spends a lot of time talking about the culture he tries to bring to the program. Culture for his program is not only the running culture, and being a good teammate, as you would expect in any successful high school distance program, but Coach Kedge also stresses being a good student and being active in other areas of the school.

Adam does not exclude anyone. Coach Kedge designs a system that allows everyone to participate with different workouts depending on where the athlete currently is in their formation. Adam and his coaches work on individualizing each kid’s workouts depending on what they need.

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Greg Weich – Training Summary

Coach Greg Weich has built a successful program by stressing consistency in training and building a culture. He has done this  by getting the kids to run more as a group all year. He is also a big believer in the coach setting the tone by showing up every day and being excited about running. Unlike many of the other successful programs, Coach Weich’s athletes do not run 7 days a week, but they consistently run year round for 48 weeks a year. Greg thinks the biggest difference in his program, since he took over, has been building the running culture in the school.

Building a successful distance runner is not a short term project. Coach Weich learned from Adam’s State coach Joe Vigil early on that you need to take a long term approach to building a successful distance runner.

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Eric Heintz – Featured Coach for June 2015

Eric Heintz rounds out the twelve coaches for the 2014-15 inaugural season of High School Running Coach.

Coach Heintz coaches at Marist High School in Atlanta, GA, a private catholic school with approximately 760 students.  Roughly 160 of those students participate in cross country, meaning roughly one in five students in school is part of the cross country team.  

Coach Heintz’s girls have won 7 straight state titles in cross country (16 titles total).  His boys have won 10 titles in total, with 7 runner-ups.

We have much to learn from coach Heintz and we thank him for his time.